WrestleMania 31 Results

Image of Shawn Michaels hitting Sting with Sweet Chin Music at WrestleMania 31.

Tuning up the band: Shawn Michaels hitting Sting with Sweet Chin Music at WrestleMania 31.

Amazingly for the first time in my life and as a wrestling fan, I finally watched a Live WrestleMania. I think I speak on behalf of many in saying this years, has been by far the best for a long time. There were no silly segments, it wasn’t all talking it was just pure WRESTLING!

Sting vs. Triple H was certainly a classic among many that featured last night within the Levi’s Stadium, and saw the reincarnation of the Monday Night Wars as DX exploded against the NWO. Which brings me to our very own “Mr. WrestleMania,” it doesn’t matter if Shawn Michaels is on the grandest stage as a competitor or as a guest. But one thing “The Heartbreak Kid” does best especially at WrestleMania, and that is steal the show!

I will be posting a video of Shawn Shawn from WreslteMana later in the week, as well as screencaptures. You can view the digitals via the link at the bottom of the post.

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Sting vs. Triple H

After an elaborate video package airs, it’s time for our next match — Sting vs. Triple H. As expected and as reported over the past week or so, Sting had a sick ring entrance, with people painted up playing the drums on stage to the beat of his theme as he makes his way down to the ring to a huge pop from the fans inside Levi’s Stadium.

From what we hear, Triple H’s entrance is supposed to be even more awesome. Sting is finishing up his entrance inside the ring now, so we’re just seconds away from Triple H’s supposed bad-ass entrance. “This isn’t Starrcade, this is WrestleMania,” says JBL. Gee, I wonder who fed him that line?

As the fans chant “Sting! Sting! Sting!” in the ring, we cut to a video, which is part of Triple H’s entrance. It’s imagery from the new Terminator movie, which we also reported about over the past few weeks. From there, we shoot back live inside the arena, where we see a bunch of Terminator robots. A cool thing happens where we see through the eyes of the Terminator view, coputerized-style, with the Terminator theme playing. The computer eyes scan through the WWE roster and stops on Sting, when up pops Triple H in somewhat of a Terminator outfit. It’s similar to his old-school king outfit from last year, only silver and robot-like. He pops up from the floor wearing that as smoke fills the stage. We cut to a video of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his Terminator character. “WrestleMania. Judgement day is here. It’s time to play ‘The Game.’”

Once that is done, Triple H’s real theme hits and he takes part of the Terminator costume off, except the mask and a handful of Terminator, robot skulls he’s holding in each hand. He drops them, takes the mask off and begins his walk to the ring. That was a super bad-ass entrance. I mean, super bad ass.

Both guys are finally in the ring and it’s finally time for Sting’s first ever match in World Wrestling Entertainment. This is history in the making, folks!

The fans are going absolutely insane right now as Sting and Triple H circle each other. The bell sounds and here we go. The fans are already chanting “this is awesome” and the two haven’t even touched yet.

The two lock up. Sting throws Triple H into the ropes and shoulder-blasts him down to the mat. Sting beats his chest like a caveman and does his “Owwwww!!” to the crowd, and the fans in Santa Clara do it right back to him.

Sting and Hunter lock up again. This time, HHH gets behind Sting and takes him down to the mat with a headlock. HHH holds Sting in the headlock as Sting slowly works his way back to his feet. Sting throws Triple H into the ropes again and this time HHH shoulder-blasts Sting to the mat. Sting, however, dropkicks HHH down to the mat. HHH looks up from the mat confused as he can’t figure out how Sting is dominating him with ease.

The fans erupt in “you still got it!” chants directed at Sting as HHH stares at him, clearly trying to figure out what to do with “The Vigilante.” HHH finally fires off some punches, knocking Sting down to the mat. He hits Sting with an atomic drop, but Sting no-sells it, beats his chest and “Owwww’s” again. HHH, frustrated, rolls out to the floor.

The action goes out to the floor now, as Sting chases HHH around the ring. With his back aganist the barricade, HHH watches on as Sting charges at him. Sting goes for the Stinger Splash, but HHH moves and Sting crashes and burns. HHH whips Sting into the ringside steps and then drags him hair-first back into the ring.

From there, HHH dominates the action for a while until out of nowhere, Sting fights back and locks HHH in the Scorpion Death Lock. As he applies the hold to HHH, the D-Generation X theme music hits and out to the ring runs Billy Gunn, Road Dogg and X-Pac. Sting lets go of HHH and one-by-one, knocks the D-X members out of the ring. Sting turns right around into a Pedigree attempt from HHH, but Sting avoids it. With all four D-X members out on the floor, Sting heads to the top rope and flies out to the floor, splashing on all four guys.

The “this is awesome” chant spread throughout Levi’s Stadium as Sting throws HHH back in the ring. The D-X members hop on the apron for another distraction, resulting in Sting knocking them off and turning around into another Pedigree attempt. This time, HHH hits Sting with the Pedigree and immediately goes for the pin, however Sting kicks out at two.

Triple H, frustated again, goes out to the floor and under the ring, grabbing his trademark sledgehammer. As he enters the ring, the nWo theme music hits and out comes Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. The fans in Levi’s Stadium go absolutely nuts. D-X, on the floor, watches on as the nWo makes their way down the ramp. HHH, in the ring, looks bewildered.

The nWo and D-X members slug it out on the floor outside the ring, with the nWo quickly getting the better of it. Off the distraction, Sting nails HHH with the Scorpion Death Drop. He goes for the pin, but HHH kicks out at two. Sting gets HHH in the Scorpion Death Lock. HHH crawls to the sledgehammer, which is still in the ring, however Hulk Hogan grabs it and takes it out of the ring.

As Sting keeps HHH in the Scorpion Death Lock, the nWo and D-X members continue to battle outside the ring. We shoot back into the ring and see HHH still stuck in the Scorpion Death Lock. The fans chant “tap! tap! tap!” as HHH screams in pain. Finally, HHH makes it to the ropes, which prompts the referee to force Sting to break the hold.

Sting goes to put HHH back in the Scorpion Death Lock after dragging him back into the center of the ring, however out of nowhere, Shawn Michaels hits the ring and super kicks Sting. He does the D-X crotch chop, while wearing a D-X shirt, by the way, and leaves the ring. HHH rolls over and covers Sting. 1-2….Sting kicks out, as the fans inside Levi’s Stadium absolutely explode with excitement.

“This is awesome” chants fill the arena again as Sting and HHH both slowly try to make their way back to their feet. Billy Gunn, from the floor, hands the sledgehammer to HHH. HHH stands up and has the sledgehammer in his hand. Scott Hall, however, hands Sting the bat just as HHH got close to Sting. Now, both standing, HHH has his sledgehammer and Sting has his bat. Ladies and gentlemen, whoever the agent was for this match deserves a raise, because they sure used the “bells and whistles” to their advantage tonight.

Sting slams his baseball bat onto the stick part of HHH’s sledgehammer, breaking it in half. HHH looks scared now as he’s weaponless. Sting drops his bat and goes after HHH, firing away at him with punches in the corner. Sting does his chest-beatnig caveman thing again and then flies into the corner, blasting HHH with a Stinger Splash. He yells at him to get up. He goes for another Stinger Splash, but this time Sting runs right into a shot from the head of the sledgehammer, which HHH picked up and vlasted Sting with. 1-2-3. Sting wins. So, it’s pretty likely Sting is going to do at least one more match. What an awesome spectacle here at WrestleMania 31. “And the right side won again,” says JBL as HHH’s music plays and D-X stands with him in the ring, while nWo tends to the fallen Stinger.

Winner: Triple H

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