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As many of you know the gallery has been not updated for a little while now, during which time I’ve been working on fixing its stability issues and getting a layout ordered for it! This site has been through some rocky roads in the past that has caused it to lose much of the gallery it had before; however, like Shawn his site is a survivor and will kick out at two! So fear not, loyal followers out there, it will once again be restored to its former glory and look a lot more attractive. We’ve also been beginning to fill out the huge amount of content we have to fill on Shawn’s career. A legendary career means a legendary amount of photos to add and videos to screen-capture.

Even for someone experienced it can be hard to know where to start with someone so great, so starting when the new gallery layout arrives (sometime in the next week or so!) I will begin to take some requests for which content gets added back to the gallery first! I will be doing so via our Twitter & Facebook pages so be sure you are following @SweetChinDotCom on Twitter, and like on Facebook to give your thoughts! I’m excited to hear your requests and feel like this will be a great way to see all your favorite Shawn photos & videos again! Will also give the new web staff a chance to say thank you to the followers who have been around for a while and get to know all the wonderful HBK crew out there.

Finally, I’ve begun to do either Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday posts of throwback photos on Instagram and I hope to do some Showstopping Moments posts on the site that will feature videos of a great match, or Shawn moment from the past along with some facts about the match and more as a site feature.

Thank you! Stay tuned ~ Webmiss

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  1. Pamela Abraham
    03 Sep 2017, 6:09 pm

    Thank you for the update Cassidy. Totally appreciate it As long as I get Pics of Shawn with Rebecca, Shawn with Hunter and Shawn with Kevin along with DX stuff I’m happy. I hope we get some Shawn/Rebecca Vids from when she was in his storylines and DX Vids

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