Video of the Week: Video of the Week: Beginning of the End.

It’s been a long while since I last posted a video of the week, but with the grandeur of WrestleMania looming I thought it be fitting it should make another return. As we know Shane McMahon will face The Undertaker inside the deadman’s playground – Hell in a Cell in a bid to gain control of Monday Night Raw. With recent developments with Undertaker’s career now on the line, it gave me the basis on what this week’s video should be.

So we travel back 6 years (which I can’t believe) to when Shawn Michaels did everything he could to provoke the Phenom into agreeing a rematch at ‘Mania, costing ‘Taker the title at Elimination Chamber. Agreeing to face the Showstopper once more and the streak once again on the line, Michaels had to put up something himself – his illustrious 20+ year career…

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