The Showstopping Memorable Moments Series! (Weekly Flashback)

Showstopping Memorable Moments Series – Feature Introduction!
Welcome to the continuation of a weekly feature here on the site! I know everyone enjoys seeing our favorite HBK videos from the past and present so I will be posting one memorable moments post each week. These will typically be posted on the weekend (Friday – Sunday). I’ll try to give you all a variety – from promo videos, interviews, movies/TV and matches. I also like to try and keep the videos related to each other for a couple weeks (which is why I post in episodes), to give you a complete look at some of the best rivalries & memorable moments of HBK! I will be providing a couple different links to the videos, the WWE Network version (if available) as well as footage from other video sites like YouTube. Not all clips are possible to find on third party video sites so I highly recommend subscribing to the WWE Network if you can. On the WWE Network video links you will find a time stamp next to the link, so you can easily finally the piece I am talking about in the video, and a description of where to find the video in case the link doesn’t work for you for some reason. If possible I’ll also post some related photos to the video, or match once our gallery has its new look completed (The layout was ordered this week and we are just waiting for the designer to complete the new look!).

Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels (2002) – Memorable Moments – Episode One
So, without further ado, to start us off we’ll be taking a look at one of the best rivalries the wrestling business ever had – Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels.
Prior to his second and arguably greatest run in the company, Shawn had only made a couple appearances on Raw in a commissioners role (one that didn’t last long due to his personal issues with drug abuse) after he sustained what everyone thought was a career ending back injury. This time though, Shawn’s surprise return would kick off something no one thought possible – one more match. Not only did Shawn return in JR’s words “in amazing condition”, he was returning as a born again Christian, having conquered his demons. Shawn credits his son becoming old enough to notice his issues, as the turning point of change in his life. Following his change of thought, Shawn would join a bible study, be baptized, quit taking pills cold turkey, and finally return home to Monday Night Raw. At this point though, no one knew what exactly Kevin Nash was up to when he promised his announcement would “rock the WWE from its foundation.” This was Nash’s attempt to restore the NWO to its former glory:

Kevin Nash Introduces a New Member to the NWO

Raw June 3, 2002 – WWE Network Raw Replay
(Segment Starts at 1:15:32) WWE Network > In Ring > Raw Replays > 2002

Shawn Michaels Returns as Part of the NWO – YouTube Clip

The NWO Ends & Triple H Turns on Shawn Michaels
Shawn would quite literally Sweet Chin Music Booker T out of the NWO a week later on Raw. Kevin and Shawn would then try to recruit Triple H to the group, promising to reform The Kliq. This storyline was oddly never concluded, Nash would become injured during a match on the July 8, 2002 edition of Raw, and on the July 15th episode Vince McMahon (entering the arena to the NWO’s music) would declare the NWO disbanded as we see Eric Bishoff become the new Raw General Manager. The following week we would finally see Triple H and Shawn in the same ring again, as Eric ordered Shawn to be Triple H’s manager. Shawn wouldn’t take kindly to Eric’s orders & began to leave the arena, but Triple H would “befriend” Shawn and the two would return later in the show in DX gear. The DX reunion wouldn’t last more than a few moments though, as we see the beginning of a rivalry take shape with Triple H delivering a shocking pedigree to Shawn, leaving him laying in the ring and shocking the WWE fans.

Eric Bishoff Names Shawn Michaels, Triple H’s Manager & Triple H Turns on Shawn
Raw July 22, 2002 – WWE Network Raw Replay
(See Beginning of Episode & Second Segment Starts at 1:16:00 WWE Network > In Ring > Raw Replays > 2002

Triple H Betrays Shawn Michaels – YouTube Clip

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