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Shawn Michaels talks WrestleMania, Retirement and much more on ESPN

I’m quite late with posting this after sharing news of Shawn’s appearance on ESPN, on Twitter. What with being very busy at work and also moving home, it’s been hard to get on the site and get some activity going. Now as mentioned Shawn did appear on ESPN with former WWE broadcaster – Jonathan Coachman,… Read More »

WrestleMania 31 Results

Image of Shawn Michaels hitting Sting with Sweet Chin Music at WrestleMania 31.

Amazingly for the first time in my life and as a wrestling fan, I finally watched a Live WrestleMania. I think I speak on behalf of many in saying this years, has been by far the best for a long time. There were no silly segments, it wasn’t all talking it was just pure WRESTLING!… Read More »

Video of the Week: Video of the Week – PPV Special: 5 Years since the End!

WrestleMania is now half an hour away, and I thought for a special “PPV Video of the Week” I would post a pure classic Shawn Michaels Mania match. 5 years ago yesterday, the WWE and most of all Shawn Michaels fans shed tears as “The Heartbreak Kid” left the grandest stage of them all for… Read More » The 10 best WrestleMania performers ever

Image of Hulk Hogan, The Rock and Shawn Michaels

With WrestleMania only a few hours away, looks at 10 of the best performers ever to have wrestled on the greatest event in pro wrestling. Of course there have been many stars past and present to have performed on the grandest stage of them all, but their are only a select number who are… Read More »

Video of the Week: Video of the Week: The Calm before the Storms

First off I would like to again apologise for my long absence, and the inactivity on the site for the past couple of weeks. Myself and even Emma have been very busy, whether it’s work or our personal lives. Plus news regarding Shawn has been quite quiet, seeing as he doesn’t have any major involvement… Read More »

WWE Books Presents – “30 Years of WrestleMania”

Photo of the cover art of WWE books - "30 Years Of WrestleMania."

On Sunday I was casually shopping in my local supermarket, and came across a very interesting book – “30 Years Of WrestleMania”. For those of you who follow the site on Twitter and Facebook, would of seen this book as I shared a photo of it. It wasn’t something I was looking for as I… Read More »

Shawn Michaels – “Done With In-ring Wrestling.”

Normally around WrestleMania time we get the “HBK Return” rumours, but this time we get the door well an truly shut on such speculation. At the weekend Shawn took part in a signing at the O’Reilly Auto Parts World of Wheels in Chicago, where around 750 people attended. Chants of “Yes” and “HBK” echoed upon… Read More »

HBK talks WrestleMania on WWE Network’s new podcast!

WWE have enter the world of podcasting along with such legends as, Stone Cold Steve Austin and “The Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla” Chris Jericho. Renee Young hosts WWE’s first ever “WrestleMania” podcast: WWE 30 Years Of WrestleMania podcast presented by the WWE Network. Young will look deep into the heart of the Super Bowl… Read More »

WWE Shawn Michaels ‘Mr. WrestleMania’ – Sneak Peak

Wrestling DVD News has posted a sneak peak of new Shawn Michaels DVD – “WWE Shawn Michaels ‘Mr. WrestleMania’” which is edging ever closer to it’s release. Sadly there is no videos just stills from some the content this collection has to offer. Unlike other wrestling documentary DVD’s that is more interview based, this on… Read More »

WWE Shawn Michaels ‘Mr. WrestleMania’ DVD Trailer Released

I’ve been made aware that Shawn was on the Royal Rumble panel, I’ve been busy with volunteering so I’ll be getting up to date with Rumble news/media by the end of the week. More news in regards to the new Shawn Michaels ‘Mr. WrestleMania’ DVD has been provided by WrestlingDVDNews, with the recent release of… Read More »