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With all the talk of what Shawn’s possible role will be at WrestleMania XXX, have posted a neat little video package promo of what it would be like if the two clashed. It’s not a very long video but it’s one that certainly sends shivers down the spine, is there something to read in… Read More »

Shawn Michaels – One More Match Is Unlikely

With all these appearances from Shawn on Raw, controversial appearances at that and his actions at “Hell In A Cell” has sparked the “One More Match” chants and speculations. Every time Shawn appears on WWE TV, fans start speculating that Shawn is going to come out retirement this doesn’t help when news site fuel the… Read More »

JR talks HBK/Punk and whether HBK will return

Good ol’ JR – Jim Ross is back with his latest blog entry, where he looks at the recent events that unfolded on the current weeks Raw. As reported yesterday Shawn made a surprising appearance by interrupting the “Straight Edge” superstar CM Punk, which sparked curiosity at whether fans thought “The Heartbreak Kid” would possibly… Read More »

Raw Results: December 16, 2013

Shawn Michaels confronting CM Punk on WWE Monday Night Raw - December 16, 2013.

After Shawn’s involvement last week during the Slammy Awards, and the explosive ending to Raw during the World Titles ascension which saw HBK give Punk Sweet Chin Music before Bryan flattened him. Now it seemed that it would of been the last time we see Shawn this year, till WrestleMania season next year at least…. Read More »