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Are you Shawn Michaels or does Shawn Michaels visit this website?
No I am NOT Shawn Michaels, this website is run by a fan for fans. SweetChin.com has an understanding relationship with his agent and Shawn is aware of the site. Although we have no direct contact with Shawn or the WWE, so please do not ask me for his personal information. The fact he does not have a public email address should tell you he does not want to be contacted in his own time.

Can I have Shawn Michaels’ email address?
Shawn Michaels does not have a public email address. If he has a private one, I do not know it. If anyone outside his close connections, claims otherwise they are lying.

Can you send me media?
No this site does not redistribute any media without the consent of its original owner. After all this isn’t your personal media service, it’s a fan site.

Does the Shawn Michaels have any social media accounts?
Yes Shawn has a Twitter, Facebook and YouTube account, as well as having his own personal website all of which can be found via the following links:

Any social media accounts other than the ones listed above, claiming to be run by Shawn Michaels are false.

How did you create this website?
I created the site using a combination of HTML, PHP and CSS in Adobe Dreamweaver CS5. The site is run using a script called WordPress which is a free and open source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS); it provides a user interface reducing the need for manual coding. To create the graphics I use Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Can I use some of your content on my website/forum/group?
It all depends on what you want to use. Certain textual information and fan photos are off limits and are strictly property of the owner who has granted SweetChin.com permission to use them. For other content please contact me to ask for permission.

Can I send you my Shawn Michaels media?
Yes I accept most donations and contributions from News, Images and Videos, within reason and as long as you have permission and you let me know where you got it from so can credit the original source.

Where do I go when the website is down?
If for whatever reason the main website goes down then please visit our social media pages for continued news updates. You can find us on the following accounts:

Can I work for the website?
Any job openings will be listed on the front page of the main site. Please do not email me asking for a job.