Showstopping Memorable Moments – Episode Two

Showstopping Memorable Moments Series – Intro
Welcome to the continuation of a weekly feature here on the site! I know everyone enjoys seeing our favorite HBK videos from the past and present so I will be posting one memorable moments post each week. These will typically be posted on the weekend (Friday – Sunday). I’ll try to give you all a variety – from promo videos, interviews, movies/TV and matches. I also like to try and keep the videos related to each other for a couple weeks (which is why I post in episodes), to give you a complete look at some of the best rivalries & memorable moments of HBK!
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Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels Rivalry – Memorable Moments – Episode Two
Shawn Michaels Looks for Revenge in a Parking Lot
Following the previous weeks betrayal, Shawn wouldn’t even wait through Eric Bishoff’s opening announcement on Raw to declare he was out looking for revenge. Shawn orders Eric to either bring Triple H to him, or he would find him and drag whatever is left to Eric. Shawn also ignores the jabs of the new Raw recruits, The Unamericans. After leaving the Raw stage, Shawn goes to wait in the parking lot to challenge his old friend.
Later, Triple H does indeed show up at Raw and he isn’t happy. Hunter is angry that Shawn couldn’t put his pride aside to be at his side as a manager. He rips on Shawn’s dependency at being in the spotlight and tells him to accept his disabilities. Hunter also doesn’t believe Shawn has any way to beat him given his career ending back injury that happened years prior.

Mid-tirade Triple H is interrupted by a ringside producer and he runs off without a single word. We see Shawn laying in the parking lot with his face covered in a coating of blood, laying next to a car with a smashed window. Triple H hollars for backstage staff to get Shawn some help and seems concerned as they cart away Shawn on a stretcher.

Raw July 29, 2002 – WWE Network Raw Replay
(Opening Segment Starts at 0:08:50 & Second Segment Starts at 1:18:00) WWE Network > In Ring > Raw Replays > 2002

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