BLOG: Showstopper Spillings: Paying Tribute To Chyna & Chris Warren

With a new piece from sRecollet, Scott is back with a new edition of his series “Showstopper Spillings”. Scott submitted this to me a while ago, but I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to publish it until now. With the passings of Chyna and musician Chris Warren (who performed the DX theme song), Scott pays tribute to both in this latest publication.

With the recent passing of both Chyna and Chris Warren I thought it was important to just say something about both in terms of their impact on HBK’s career…

I was in Dallas with a ticket waiting to meet Chyna, for some reason she didn’t show up… Less than a few weeks after this no show, we found out she had passed away. When Chyna joined the WWF in 1997, it was because Shawn and Hunter had seen potential in her had chased Vince to give her a job. At the height of the Monday night Wars, DX vs. n.W.o was super cool too see, and it was Chyna that gave a whole new depth to DX bringing something to the table that the n.W.o couldn’t. Chyna was a very important part of the start up success of D Generation X.

Chris Warren sang the lyrics for the theme song DX. It was Warren’s voice that gave life to the classic DX song. The DX song was able to convert Shawn from sexy boy to a harder more attitude driven apparel in late 1997. The song and the impact of Chris Warren were extremely important in the history of DX and Shawn Michaels…

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