BLOG: Showstopper Spillings: Meeting The Kid

It’s been a while since I last posted on here, and for that I apologise. Sadly I’ve not been well (nothing serious) just seem to be a lot of colds and sickness bugs going around lately.

It’s also been a while since I’ve been able to post a new edition of “Showstopper Spillings”, but our SS author Scott has been out and about again and this time got the chance to meet another Kliq & DX member. Some know him as the 1.2.3 Kid others know him as X-Pac, that’s right Scott had the privilege to meet Sean Waltman who from what I’ve heard is a very nice guy and also signed Scott’s famous HBK Belt but I’ll let his article now speak for itself.


Image of Sean Waltman holding Editor Scott's Showstopper Title.

Sean Waltman holding Editor Scott’s Showstopper Title.


March 2015

I was lucky enough to meet the one and only Sean ‘’XPac/Syxx/123 Kid/DX/n.w.o’’ Waltman…
What a great guy. After telling Sean about our site he seemed really interested and said that he loved all fans of the Kliq.

I then introduced Sean to…THE SHOWSTOPPER TITLE… Sean was really impressed with it looked over the autographs and asked where Bret and Shawn had signed it. Sean then posed with the belt, which was a thrill for me.

Chatting about WrestleMania 31, Kid told me that he would be in the area and that he thinks he may be involved in WWE Axxess. I asked him he if would be at the n.W.o or DX booth and he said he could do either, which I guess he could really.

We ended our chat with speculation that HBK might have a big role at next years WrestleMania…I guess we will just have to wait and see…

This is my 3rd member of THE KLIQ I have met and I have got to say…He was a super cool guy…If you can go out and try and meet The Kid, Sean Waltman…great guy…

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