BLOG: Showstopper Spillings: DDP Talks HBK

I would like to introduce new blog series called “Showstopper Spillings” created by Shawn Michaels fan Scott Hainge, and will be originally produced for the site. When Scott pitched his ideas with me I loved them, I thought with his passion and dedication would be the recipe for something special on the site. We already have articles and an awesome “Fantasy Match” series provided by Chris, and with these new columns by Scott there will certainly be a variety for you guys to keep yourselves busy. This new “Showstopper Spillings” series will include: Interviews with various wrestlers talking about Shawn or even the rare interview with Shawn himself, Reviews and Retrospect’s: looking at classic Shawn Michaels moments.

The debut column of the series features an interview with Diamond Dallas Page (DDP), where Scott attended an event titled “A Night With DDP”. Scott got the chance to have a 5 minute chat with Page, and talked with him about “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels. You can read the first ever Showstopper Spilling below:

Column 1
March 5th 2014

Thanks to my good friend Ant I will be bringing a regular column, SHOWSTOPPER SPILLINGS, to Any comments or suggestions just say… The column will be updated regularly and will feature bits of info on Shawn or anything Shawn related that I am doing.

Last night I attended a night with DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE…

It was an awesome night and DDP mentioned that Triple H has been really cool over the last year with Jake The Snake Roberts. He said Triple H has tried his best to guarantee Jake a return to WWE TV and it came true.

DDP talked about Scott Hall and how he has transformed his life around. He said Triple H told him that if Scott and Jake can get themselves into shape, mentally and physically, they both will be aloud to have a future on screen with the WWE.

At then of a fantastic night with DDP we did the meet and greet. I met DDP last year in London he told me then that he wanted to work with Shawn Michaels, that Shawn, Austin and Rock were the 3 guys he never got to work with during his great career.

When I showed DDP the picture of me and him together from last year he smiled and said oh I remember you from London . While standing there chatting to DDP, I asked him about the backstage segment DDP, Booker and Shawn did together, he smiled and said oh Shawn, he is a great guy. He said it was the only time he and HBK were on TV together.

DDP then told me, that Shawn Michaels was the first person ever to try DDP Yoga. I said really, I didn’t know that, he said yeah. He said Shawn had the original DVD that DDP shot in his garage and used DDP Yoga to stretch and work out.

I asked DDP if Shawn used the Yoga while he was still wrestling and he said yes, and now he has retired he uses it even more. Perhaps through Scott Hall but I got the impression that HBK and DDP are in contact quite a lot.

I would have loved to have a seen a HBK vs. DDP match just one time…

So there you have it, my first column and I did a very mini interview with DDP all about the one and only SHAWN MICHAELS…


Scott Hainge

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  1. Pam
    14 Mar 2014, 12:34 am

    Thank you Anthony

  2. Scott
    14 Mar 2014, 10:43 am

    Thanks Ant, it looks even better online buddy….

    I have a nice little suprise due for my second column….

  3. meghan
    14 Mar 2014, 7:31 pm

    This is a great article and idea.

  4. Antony
    14 Mar 2014, 8:06 pm

    You don’t need to thank me Scott, it’s your work I’m just distributing it for you. The credit is all yours, certainly can’t wait to read more. It is a great idea Meghan, I love it when you guys come to me with ideas. It shows you all care, shows me my work is appreciated too and really this is what the sites for: to provide news, media, articles etc which is run by fans for fans!