Shawn talks to Vince Russo on current WWE product

Shawn Michaels was a guest on Vince Russo’s “The Swerve” last week, where the Showstopper talked about whether he missed the squared circle. Michaels also discussed the fans reactions to the current WWE product, and gives his own views.

Below are a couple of highlights from the show:

On if he misses being in a ring:

“Everybody asks me, ‘Do you miss it?’ No, I don’t miss it, because what’s on TV now isn’t what I used to do. So it’s easy not to miss.”

On fans complaining about today’s WWE product:

“I get what those hardcore fans say and they don’t like it, but at the same time, and I’m gonna get a ton of heat for this, but it is true: You DO keep watching. The ratings may go down, but we’re not losing you.”

You can listen to the podcast here:


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