Shawn talks about coming back to retire Triple H

I’m posting from this source as I’ve already seen this story falsely reported and wanted to make sure if anyone had read the incorrect version of Shawn’s quote on this that they saw this correct version.

Several readers pointed out that some sites have been spreading incorrect stories from some recent interviews with Shawn Michaels and Jeff Jarrett. It appears as if these sites are randomly making up quotes to increase page hits, or that they are blindly copying and pasting content. We noted that HBK was recently on The RCWR Show and was asked if he would come out of retirement at Triple H’s request for his retirement match. At least one site wrote that Shawn Michaels said that he and Triple H were “not on the best of terms,” and that Michaels doesn’t “agree with things that he’s doing.” Michaels never said anything of the sort. His exact quote was: “Well obviously I think I’d consider it but I guess I know my buddy well enough I don’t think he’d ask. But of course, let’s put it this way, I’ve had some folks already ask me some pretty moving things about their last matches or matches they’ve wanted. I’ve given all of them some thought but again, to your point earlier about ‘you have a great body of work’, I want to keep that body of work. I just feel like I left on as close to a perfect situation as you can and I always just I want to make sure that I honor that and take care of that. So, certainly, I’d consider it because he’s my buddy, and I’d do anything for my buddy so it’d be something that we’d certainly discuss but I

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think he’d understand if I turned it down.”

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  1. Pam
    22 Feb 2015, 11:26 pm

    Thank you Emma Appreciate it