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Shawn was a guest on Jim Ross’s podcast – The Ross Report in a two part episode. Unfortunately this was the first I heard of it, and caused me to miss reporting the first part of the interview. But at least now I can still share with you both episodes which feature HBK.

Seeing as I’ve only just noticed these, I haven’t had the chance yet to listen so I’m currently unable at the moment to give a detailed summary of the episodes. But what I did do was have a good search on the internet for any reviews and extracts. What I did learn for those like me who haven’t yet listened is, episode 1 featured a discussion on the end of the legendary Undertaker’s undefeated streak.

The following extract of episode 1 is taken from

While they didn’t cover it quite as in-depth as one would hope for, some notable details were revealed:

  • Earlier in the day, when Ross asked Undertaker how many matches he had left in him (health-wise), ‘Taker said to ask him again in a few hours.
  • According to Michaels, the call to end The Streak was made just four hours before the show.
  • They didn’t get into what reason Vince McMahon had for making the call to end The Streak, but Michaels is sure it’s a good one.

In the second episode Ross and Michaels addressed last years reports of a possible out of retirement match, in which Shawn would take on his former student – Daniel Bryan. Below is an extract from the second episode that I found via

Michaels said when he would attend a WWE show, people would always bring up something with Bryan but those people were never the decision makers. Michaels made it clear that he makes the decision on his in-ring future and said never once in the almost 5 years that he’s been retired has he given anyone the impression that he was thinking about wrestling again.

Shawn said that beyond costing Daniel Bryan the WWE Title at Hell In a Cell last October, nothing else was planned. Shawn acknowledged that angle appeared to be leading to a match between the two. Shawn then came up with the idea of going back out on RAW and letting Bryan put him in the Yes Lock.

From what I’ve read so far from the snippets off various sites, both episodes seem to be very detailed. Sadly as I mentioned above I haven’t had chance to listen to them yet, so I can’t really comment until I have. I’m hoping to listen to them on my journey to and from work tomorrow, so hopefully I can do a little write up of my views if that’s something you all would like to hear. If you would like to hear my thoughts just leave a comment below, and if I get enough positives I’ll write a review.

Unfortunately I haven’t got a player installed on the site yet so I’m unable to provide the audio files, so for now all I can do is provide a link to JR’s podcast for you all to listen to which you can find via the source link below.

Source: The Ross Report

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