Shawn Michaels Interview on LAW

Fight Network has a podcast with Shawn Michaels discussing the following things:

John Pollock’s chat with Shawn Michaels about his new book, “Wrestling for My Life”, his 1998 back injury and 2002 comeback, teaming with God at Backlash 2006 and more

The interview with Shawn starts at the 22 minute mark.

Interview starts with an audio clip of Shawn’s last appearance on RAW when he did the panel with Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan. The hosts plug the book and tell people it’s not just a book on religion and there’s a lot of wrestling in it too (though they haven’t read it). They go to the first part of the interview (which they have split in two) which starts at 00.23.32.

Shawn says that this new book is more about his actual life as Heartbreak and Triumph was a WWE book and was more about that side of things. Shawn says that he mentions a number of things that happened in his wrestling career but through the lens of his faith.
He then talks about when he left the WWE back in 1998 in a forced retirement due to his back injury and that he was able to fill the void of wrestling in his life with his wrestling school, but it was the husband and father he was that bothered him. That’s the end of part one.

The second half picks up at 01.04.48. Shawn talks about realising he was meant to be a wrestler and that’s what he was built to do and going back in 2002. Shawn talks about saying things before his faith about having a God given gift for wrestling and when he came back he wanted to honour that gift.
He mentions in 2009 starting to feel like the next year should be his final year and making the decision and sticking with it and being content with it ever since.
They talked about the match where Shawn was teaming with God and how he felt about that angle and that it was just an amusing angle and he had no hang up’s about doing it.  He talks about how things he used to do could be the same as things he did after he became a Christian and it would create a different impact on people. He talks about how he looks at the wrestling world and to him, there isn’t a grey area and that he see’s the wrestling world differently to a lot of people and he isn’t sure if it’s a good or bad thing.

That’s the end of the interview.
It’s a good listen and he has some interesting comments on how he see’s the business.
There are links on the page where you should be able to play or download the interview by following This link.

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