Raw Results: December 9, 2013

Shawn Michaels presenting the Slammy Award for "Superstar of the Year" 2013.Apologies for being late today with last night’s Raw results, with it being December (and we all know what that means) I’m very busy just like many in the festive period.

With that being said, now onto last nights Raw which saw a very busy and active night for Shawn throughout the celebrations. As reported over the weekend Shawn did present the Slammy Award for “Superstar of the Year” and it sort of came to no surprise on who the winner would be – Bryan and as expected there were tensions rising as the two crossed paths once again. Although not only did Shawn present an award while looking very dapper, he also won an Award for “Double-Cross of the Year” by screwing Daniel Bryan at Hell In a Cell (talk about adding salt to the wounds for Bryan).

As if presenting and receiving a Slammy Award wasn’t enough, Shawn was one of 20 former champions to be in attendance to witness both the WWE and World Heavyweight Titles ascend to the rafters in preparation for the main event at TLC. While it was a special atmosphere for fans to see champions past and present in the same ring, just like with any celebration in WWE it ended pretty much like a bar room brawl. Shawn even delivered some Sweet Chin Music to Punk of all people, which followed with an attack from Bryan.

Whether this will actually lead to anything is another thing, it may turn out the next time we’ll see Shawn a few weeks prior to WrestleMania. But one thing is for sure, Shawn was one active guy last night especially for someone who’s retired ;)

Note: I haven’t added any images yet simply because I haven’t created a gallery yet, but fear not I have them stored on my computer for when I do open the gallery. As for videos, I’ll try to find one on YouTube for now. Again I apologise for not being prepared, we are in a transitional period on the site and I’m slowly getting back on track.

Source: PWMania.com

– We go to the stage and The Shield comes out, wearing all black suits, to present the Slammy Award for Double-Cross of the Year. Dean Ambrose says he knows he looks great. Ambrose says this is one award they know nothing about. Seth Rollins says that’s right and talks about 2013 for them. Roman Reigns says if you’re thinking about crossing The Shield you better think twice. Ambrose interrupts him, teasing more tension, and introduces the nominees. They are Mark Henry’s fake retirement before attacking John Cena, Shawn Michaels super kicking Daniel Bryan at Hell In a Cell, Paul Heyman turning on CM Punk at Money in the Bank and Triple H for turning on Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam. Voting is now open on the WWE App.

Back from the break and The Miz is making his way out. The Shield announces the winner for Double-Cross of the Year and it’s Shawn Michaels for turning on Daniel Bryan. It looks like Reigns stepped in before Ambrose could make the announcement. Shawn comes out to a big pop and accepts the award. Shawn says he has a lot on his mind but he was told he can’t talk too long. Shawn talks about how he’s been double-crossing people for years but never nominated for this award. A “you sold out” chant starts up. Shawn says he sold out a long time ago and that’s why he’s still here. Shawn thanks the fans and says he’s enjoyed it all before leaving.

– We go to Booker T and Jerry Lawler on the stage. They introduce Shawn Michaels to present the Slammy Award for Superstar of the Year. HBK talks and fans start chanting “yes!” at him. The nominees are Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, Big Show, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton and John Cena. Voting is now open on the WWE App.

Back from the break and we get a graphic for Nelson Mandela. We go back to Shawn Michaels on the stage. The Slammy Award winner for Superstar of the Year is Daniel Bryan. HBK hesitated and had to double check the card. Bryan comes out to a massive pop. Bryan comes out and HBK won’t let go of the Slammy. He finally does and walks off but checks his back. Bryan thanks Shawn for the HB-Shizzle award. Bryan says if it weren’t for Shawn, he probably wouldn’t be here in WWE. Also if it weren’t for Shawn, he would be the WWE Champion right now, he says. Fans chant “yes!” as Bryan goes on. Bryan says he isn’t upset about it. Bryan says the fans have voted him Superstar of the Year. He says 2014 will be even better and gets a huge pop when he says, “go Seahawks!” We go back to the ring where Del Rio makes his way out.

– Back from the commercial and in the ring are 20 former champions – Triple H, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Christian, Jack Swagger, CM Punk, Kane, Big Show, Mark Henry, Daniel Bryan, Rey Mysterio, The Great Khali, Triple H, Booker T, Bret Hart, Mick Foley, Shawn Michaels and a few others it looks like. Stephanie speaks and we see Punk in the background laughing. Triple H speaks next and fans start chanting for Bryan, causing Triple H to have to speak up. HBK motions for the crowd to calm down. Henry raises Bryan’s hand and the crowd cheers. Now they start a big “yes!” chant up and Bryan is loving it. It’s taking several minutes for the crowd to calm down so they can proceed. Triple H says that’s a lot of Daniel Bryan’s family for one building. He says a lot of the fans look just like Bryan. Triple H says we’re here to witness a moment in history. Triple H brings out WWE Champion Randy Orton first. World Heavyweight Champion John Cena is out next.

Triple H has them hand over their titles. The referee places the belts on a gold hanger as fans chant for Daniel Bryan again. Orton talks at Cena and the fans boo. Orton goes on and fans start the “boring” chants up. Orton says Cena is going to be the guy who loses the most important match in history. Fans start the “yes!” chants up now and Orton gets upset. Orton says he took years off Foley’s life and career. Orton says he’s embarrassed Michaels on multiple occasions and says he would have left Bret unconscious if he were involved in the Montreal Screwjob. We see Punk laughing again. The crowd chants “you suck” now. Cena takes the mic and they boo. Cena brings Bryan front and center and the crowd pops big. Bryan gets some cheap pops from the crowd. Cena asks him where he’s from and asks if his father or mother were ever WWE Superstars. Cena asks Bryan if he’s had to work for everything since he got to WWE and the fans start “yes” chants again. Cena says fans chant for Bryan because he works and earns it. Cena rips into Orton about how he’s been given everything. Cena goes on and says all Orton does is hide behind The Authority. Cena goes on and brings up Orton’s behavior problems inside and outside of the ring. Cena says Orton is selfish.

Cena says everyone in the ring might not like him but they respect him. He brings up giving Dolph Ziggler a chance and seeing nothing but the best in the world in CM Punk when everyone else didn’t. Cena says Bryan’s only legit title shot was against him and Bryan won. Fans chant “yes” again. Cena tells Bryan he looks forward to a fair rematch. Cena tells Orton he can be just as brutal as him. Cena says TLC will be physical and he will be at his very best. Cena hopes Orton will be too because we don’t want to deal with another Orton excuse. Cena wishes Orton good luck and says he will need it. They drop the mics, shake hands and the crowd pops. Orton hits a cheap shot and they start brawling. Everyone pulls them apart. Orton decks Punk. Punk fires back and unloads on Orton. Triple H grabs Punk and throws him back. Triple H has words with Orton. Punk turns Triple H around and attacks him. HBK lays out Punk with Sweet Chin Music. Bryan nails the running knee on HBK. Orton goes for a RKO on Bryan but Stephanie gets knocked down. Triple H rushes over to check on her. Triple H lays out Orton with a Pedigree and goes back to checking on Stephanie. Cena, Kane and Triple H help Stephanie up as fans start chanting for Bryan again. We get a shot of Cena, Triple H, Kane and Stephanie staring down at Orton, who is recovering in the corner as RAW goes off the air.

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  1. Pam
    10 Dec 2013, 10:06 pm

    Thank you Anthony. Loved seeing Shawn last night. Best part of the show.