Raw Recap, 10/22/18 – The Brothers of Destruction Confront DX

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The Brothers of Destruction Confront D-Generation X
Two big elements seem to be hanging over the first-ever battle (really!) between D-Generation X and The Brothers of Destruction at WWE Crown Jewel: That Triple H & Shawn Michaels are either afraid of their opponents or are too “nostalgic” (read: old) to pose a threat to The Undertaker & Kane. It was a hard “no” on both counts from DX, who brushed aside the “idle threats” of the brothers’ last dispatch and countered that “old” was just another word for “better.”

Enter The Brothers, who appeared on the TitanTron, flanked by faux tombstones for The Game and HBK, to deliver yet another message: “Pride goes before destruction and arrogance precedes the fall. Your arrogance will be the vessel of your total annihilation.” Standing over the stones, Undertaker & Kane promised nothing less than eternal humiliation and suffering — in other words, they’d never rest in peace.

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