New Shawn Michaels “Retro” T-Shirt Available

Photo of a new retro Shawn Michaels T-Shirt designed by

A new Shawn Michaels T-Shirt is available to buy online via The T-Shirt is of a retro design, sort of combining his days as one half of “The Rockers” and his early solo career as “The Heartbreak Kid” with a picture of him with the classic IC title doing the “Peace” sign. The shirt… Read More »

Heart Felt Apologies!

In my last post I spoke about the sites status including the rebuild process and how it was lost in the process with the server issues. I mentioned the owner and while I said I weren’t’t going to drag his name and reputation through the mud, it seems even in the heat of the moments… Read More »

And We’re Back!

It’s been almost 3 months, but we’re finally back after a very long hiatus. For those of you that don’t know, the site was previously hosted on a server owned by a friend and due to unforeseen circumstances that server was wiped and all of our data – 3 years worth – was unfortunately lost…. Read More »

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