Affiliates Section Now Open!

This update is more for fellow fansite owners, as I have finally reopen our Affiliates section of the site. I have done my best to remember who was listed in our affiliate section, if I’ve missed anyone please forgive and if you could re-apply. We’re also taking on some Elite affiliates also for anyone who… Read More »

Raw Results: December 9, 2013

Shawn Michaels presenting the Slammy Award for "Superstar of the Year" 2013.

Apologies for being late today with last night’s Raw results, with it being December (and we all know what that means) I’m very busy just like many in the festive period. With that being said, now onto last nights Raw which saw a very busy and active night for Shawn throughout the celebrations. As reported… Read More »

Bret Hart regrets falling out with Shawn

Bret Hart recently spoke to Metro about his falling out with Shawn back in the old WWF/E days, these two made history with their rivalry featuring the famous and much talked about “Montreal Screwjob”. Hart opens up and admits that even though he wouldn’t change anything he did in terms of his own conduct, he… Read More »

Possible Shawn Michaels/Daniel Bryan Angle on Raw?

It has been reported that WWE are looking at shooting an angle on tomorrow nights Raw involving Shawn Michaels and Daniel Bryan. As reported the other day Shawn will be presenting the “Superstar of the Year” Slammy Award, which Bryan is nominated for. Huge speculation indicates that fans will vote for Daniel Bryan will win… Read More »

HBK To Present 2013 Superstar of the Year Slammy Award

Photo of Shawn Michaels who will present the WWE Slammy Award for the 2013 Superstar Of The Year Award.

It’s that time again where WWE will host their annual Slammy Award ceremony on next weeks ‘Monday Night Raw’. The nominations for “Superstar of the Year” have been announced on, as well as the special guest who will present the award – who is none other than “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels. Last time… Read More »

New Shawn Michaels “Retro” T-Shirt Available

Photo of a new retro Shawn Michaels T-Shirt designed by

A new Shawn Michaels T-Shirt is available to buy online via The T-Shirt is of a retro design, sort of combining his days as one half of “The Rockers” and his early solo career as “The Heartbreak Kid” with a picture of him with the classic IC title doing the “Peace” sign. The shirt… Read More »

Heart Felt Apologies!

In my last post I spoke about the sites status including the rebuild process and how it was lost in the process with the server issues. I mentioned the owner and while I said I weren’t’t going to drag his name and reputation through the mud, it seems even in the heat of the moments… Read More »

And We’re Back!

It’s been almost 3 months, but we’re finally back after a very long hiatus. For those of you that don’t know, the site was previously hosted on a server owned by a friend and due to unforeseen circumstances that server was wiped and all of our data – 3 years worth – was unfortunately lost…. Read More »

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