Celebrating Four Years Online!

Today we celebrate four years online, and believe me I certainly never thought the site would have come this far. The site’s had its ups and downs, but with the fantastic support shown by all our fans has given me the motivation to succeed. I hoped as I write this I would of been able… Read More »

BLOG: Showstopper Spillings: Ultimate Warrior… My First HBK…

Below is the second instalment of the “Showstopper Spillings” series by Scott. This week he pays tribute to the Ultimate Warrior after his sudden death last week. He looks at the very limited encounters with Shawn, and the impact these two legends could of made. In a week when the passing of the Ultimate Warrior… Read More »

Video of the Week: Video of the Week: Remembering the Warrior!

It’s certainly been a crazy week in the world of professional wrestling, the defeat of the most phenomenal streak ever created and the death of a legend. Still as I type this I still can’t believe the Ultimate Warrior was on our screens thanking fans, and then the next gone. It’s certainly amazing how life… Read More »

Kevin Nash On “The Kliq” Reunion

“Big Daddy Cool” Diesel – Kevin Nash recently spoke about the recent reunion of “The Kliq” during fellow member, “Razor Ramon” Scott Hall’s Hall of Fame induction. He talks of how all the five members have stayed in touch over the years, as well as talking about the Hall of Fame night itself. “It’s been… Read More »

Video of the Week: Video of the Week – PPV Special: WrestleMania X

What do you get when you cross Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall, a Ladder and 2 Intercontinental Titles? WrestleMania X! Referenced as the match that “Revolutionised” the Ladder Match, this match was to be the decider of who the rightful Intercontinental Champion was. 20 years on and we’re celebrating 30 years of the grandest event in… Read More »

New Fan Art!

Shawn Michaels fan art by Chaotic Color

Check out this awesome vector art created by Chaotic Color (@chaoticcolor on Twitter!) of Mr. WrestleMania himself, I recently came across his artwork and absolutely fell in love with his designs. I would also like to share this sketch created by Vanessa Yeo (@ia_vanessayeo on Twitter!) of Shawn in his DX gear, performing his signature… Read More »

7 Reasons Why Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon Is Still The Best Ladder Match Ever

Apologies for my long absence, I know some of you have been asking of my whereabouts and I’ve replied as best possible on Facebook and Twitter. One activity regarding Shawn is very quiet especially as it’s WrestleMania week, and also I’ve been ill all this week. Any I’m on the mend and doing my best… Read More »

Enjoy a “Main Event” lunch with Shawn Michaels

WrestleMania is almost upon us, which means WWE are currently auctioning off some special events in support of worthy charities. As always there is a a special day where one lucky winner can have the chance to have lunch with Mr. WrestleMania himself Shawn Michaels, as well as the chance to have a backstage tour… Read More »

WWE.com: The 20 Greatest Squared Circle Returns

With the recent returns of “The Animal” Batista and The Undertaker, WWE.com looks at 20 of the greatest returns to the squared circle. A return for me can send chills down my spine, it’s the pivotal moment in a storyline or even the beginning of one. There have been many returns that have blown me… Read More »

Site Update

Just a quick update to let you all know that I’m going away Tomorrow (March 17th), and won’t be back until Friday (March 21st). So the site will not be updated until I’m back, hopefully there won’t be much activity on Shawn this week but if there is I’ll catch up when I’m back.

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