Hell In A Cell Retrospection: #2 -Best friends collide!

The second time Shawn Michaels entered hell was 7 years later, this time facing off against his best friend and co degenerate The Game – Triple H. Shawn had left DX and the WWE at WrestleMania 14 where he had to retire, due to his back injury at the Royal Rumble 1998 against The Undertaker (certainly been a pain in HBK’s side hasn’t he :P).

During Shawn’s 4 year absence, Triple H rose to new heights becoming a major face in the Attitude era holding multiple championship reigns. When Shawn returned in 2002 in a part-time role, the two finally reunited officially on July 22, during Monday Night Raw. Fans believed they would see DX reunite, until Triple H turned on his longtime friend sparking a year long rivalry.

In 2004 on the May 3 episode of Raw, General Manager Eric Bischoff signed a title defence between Chris Benoit and Michaels resulting in Benoit retaining after interference by Triple H. A week later on Raw, Triple H faced Shelton Benjamin at the start of the show resulting in a no contest after Michaels paid Hunter back for the past week. In the weeks that lead to Bad Blood fans witnessed HBK get suspended, a number one contender’s battle royal with Michaels interfering and eliminating Triple H. With the two going back and forth constantly, Bischoff intervened by declaring the two would face off in demonic cell!

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