Heart Felt Apologies!

In my last post I spoke about the sites status including the rebuild process and how it was lost in the process with the server issues. I mentioned the owner and while I said I weren’t’t going to drag his name and reputation through the mud, it seems even in the heat of the moments I stepped over that boundary on both the site and our Twitter.

I would like to take the time out to apologise to the said person mentioned, he knows who he is! I want to apologise for slandering him in way I have, when I vowed not to I blew the situation out of proportion and for that I feel I have lost a valued friend. I hope if he reads this he can forgive my part, but then I suppose I wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t.

It takes a lot for someone to admit they have done wrong, and I’m in no ways looking for sympathy. I just want to use this time to apologise to the Owner of J-Cena, from my previous word I singled him out and that was never my intent. But in my last written revisions I have not worded things correctly, blown things out of proportion and upset the situation further. He was the victim of a blown up situation caused by workers of his site, that has resulted in his name and reputation being slandered by myself I’m ashamed to say.

I hope this can justify the wrongs done, and hope we can all move forward. I hope this can change any opinions I have created, I would just to recall all of my previous rants and continue now to bring you the dedicated source you come for!

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