Hall Of Fame 2015 Review

Photo of Sean Waltman, Triple H, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Shawn Michaels at the Hall of Fame 2015.

The Hall of Fame Kliq: Sean Waltman, Triple H, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Shawn Michaels.

Saturday the night before WrestleMania, just as it always has been was the WWE Hall of Fame 2015. And saw the induction of “Big Daddy Cool” Diesel – Kevin Nash. As for who was going to induct Nash, well that fell to long time friend and the man to bring him to the WWE 22 years ago “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels.

Same with the Hall of Fame post I will be posting a video of Shawn from WreslteMana later in the week, as well as screencaptures. Again you can view the digitals via the link at the bottom of the post.

I will be posting a video of Shawn from the Hall of Fame later in the week, as well as screencaptures. You can view the digitals via the link at the bottom of the post.

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Kevin Nash:
Presented by Shawn Michaels

Lawler introduced Shawn Michaels, who wore a tux with a camouflage vest. I was hoping for a tux with big wader boots. Michaels tore up his script and said this induction would be one pro wrestler inducting another pro wrestler. He said clearly one of them would be in trouble backstage, but he’s used to it. “Ladies and gentlemen, don’t try this at home, I’m a trained professional.” Funny.

Michaels recalled seeing Vinny Vegas (Nash) on WCW television and wanting to bring him in. Nash was under contract, so he went to Ole Anderson and told him he was giving notice so he could go back to bouncing at a strip bar. Ole gave him his release and he faxed it to WWE.

Shawn said he was not supposed to mention Vince McMahon’s name and thus he will clearly be getting in trouble. He said Vince felt Diesel was getting white hot. Michaels said he brought the big goon to WWE and suddenly Vince was in love with him and wanted to put the strap on him. He recalled Diesel/Nash beating Bob Backlund in eight seconds to win the title.

Michaels recalled being pulled into the shower. He said you worry a bit when you get pulled into the shower by a big man. Nash told him he had no idea whether he was going to make it three years ago. He told Michaels he never would have made it without him, and thanked him for being his buddy.”

Michaels said Nash changed the way the business works whether people want to admit it or not. He said every wrestler in the building now has a guaranteed contract because of the actions of Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. He said Nash treated the business like it was a business while Michaels and everyone else grew up wanting to be a wrestler.

Michaels said Hall and Nash held WCW hostage and made them pay guarantee money, and that changed the business for everyone. He said without Nash there would be no NWO or guaranteed contracts. He said without the NWO there would be no DX. “And without DX, there would not be a lifetime of merchandise checks keeping me afloat for the rest of my life.” Funny.

Michaels said it gives him great pleasure not only for being a great friend but also for making sure he doesn’t have to get back in the ring and toss his body around “for your enjoyment.” Michaels introduced Nash.

Kevin Nash walked out to the NWO music and did the Diesel and HBK high-five with Michaels, who headed backstage. He said he’s always considered Michaels the Michael Jordan of the industry. He said Michaels put him over big, so he must not have sucked.

Nash said he wouldn’t be there now if it wasn’t for Rick Steiner taking that call from Michaels that led to him going to the WWF. He said people wondered whether he would go in as Nash or Diesel, and he said there’s no difference to him because if there hadn’t been a Diesel there wouldn’t have been an NWO.

Nash said a lot of people said he got into the business for the money, then deadpanned while saying that’s absolutely true. He said when he first entered WCW they wanted to give him a mohawk, which would kill any action he had going on. He said they gave him a partner who was greener than he was. He said his partner missed a headbutt by a mile and the fans chanted LOD Wannabe at them. He said a few weeks later they told him to grow his hair out.

Nash pointed out Dusty Rhodes in the crowd and recalled him pitching the idea of Oz. He had them post a a photo of Oz on the big screen and the fans laughed. He had them run another one of Oz “with the dunce hat.” Nash cracked that he’s not Brad Pitt, “but do you really want to put a rubber mask on my face?”

Nash said he took the outfit out of the box for the first time and wondered why they didn’t just put a note in the box that read “you’re fired.” Nash mentioned that Dallas Page is one of his best friends, and credited him with telling him to stick with pro wrestling.

Nash recalled being at MSG with WWE for the first time and said Shawn was working Marty Jannetty for the Intercontinental Championship. Nash said he did one thing during the match that led to Michaels winning the title. He said he did more in one day in WWF than he did in three and a half years in WCW.

Nash said his run as Diesel was fantastic. He recalled having a bit to drink “a couple of nights in a row, maybe 23″ during a European tour. He said the agents told him Vince McMahon wanted to see him when he got back, and he figured he was going to be fired in person. He said he waited so long that he fell asleep on the couch.

Vince informed him that he was going to put the strap on him. Nash thought he was talking about the Intercontinental Title, but it led to Bob Backlund doing the honors for him in eight seconds. Nash said he was guaranteed ten dates at $150 when he signed his first deal with WWE. He said they were given an opportunity, and they took it and made a lot of money.

Nash said he doesn’t think enough credit goes to the people who keep the lights on – the fans. Nash said his generation made some steps, but they’ve taken it tenfold since then. Nash said the growth of the company whenever he comes back is staggering. “I just have a feeling in the near future that I’m going to watch some kind of spaceship from Cape Canaveral that’s not going to be going to Mars, it’s going to be going to the moon because WWE has decided they’re going to run Mania on the moon.”

Nash said he could thank a thousand people, but he’d forget someone so he’s not going to do it. He thanked his wife and said people probably think she’s like a unicorn and doesn’t exist. He said his first mentor Rick Rude told him if he wants to keep his wife he should keep her away from the business. He said he’s done that for 27 years and they’re still together so it must have worked. “Without her I would implode,” Nash said while getting choked up.

Nash said he was talking with Ric Flair earlier and they came to the conclusion that there are two things in the business that are real. “When you win your first championship and when you get inducted into the Hall of Fame,” he said. “I thank you.”

Nash walked toward the entrance and was greeted by Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall, Triple H, and Sean Waltman. They all hugged Nash and held up the Wolfpac sign. They continued to shake hands and hug as the show went off the air…

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