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Hey everyone, I just want to post a small announcement I suppose on future plans/ideas I have for the site. Sadly lately the site hasn’t been as active as I’d like it to be, recently I got a job and it’s certainly taking it’s toll on me. Everytime I plan on doing something on the site, I’m too tired (bad I know). But don’t worry I won’t be closing the site! I will at some point be looking for someone to work on the site that can devout plenty of time in helping to run the site.

As mentioned though I have some plans and ideas I’d like to address, below is a few items I’ve listed that either has or has yet to be achieved:

  • New Layout – It’s something that is certainly long over due, and I know I keep saying I’m going to to do one and haven’t yet. When it comes to designing new layouts I like to take my time, do a little browsing for ideas in order to design a unique layout rather than a typical fansite looking design. I have some ideas for SweetChin’s new design, unfortunately this requires me to purchase some already made designs so I can learn some of the coding in order to implement it into SweetChin’s new layout. I’m hoping to start building a new layout next month, but I will update you further on progress nearer the time.
  • Social Media – As you all know by now we have a Facebook and Twitter profile, and now a newly created Instagram account which you can find – http://instagram.com/sweetchindotcom. I am looking at opening some other social media accounts to expand our presence online, with accounts like YouTube, Tumblr and Google +. This again will require a spare pair of hands, so that will be another vacancy if anyone is interested?
  • Gallery – Something that is taking up a lot of my spare time at the moment, I have a huge backlog of images I am working through to get the gallery back to normal. It’s progressing… slowly, but I’m getting there. I’m doing my best to keep you all informed of updates regarding the gallery, so continue to keep a close eye on any recent activity as I have some interesting rare images of Shawn that I think you’ll all enjoy!
  • Server – I’m currently on a free server, which is ok but obviously not as good as paid server space. Again now that I’m earning I will be looking at purchasing some space again to host the site, this in turn will give me more freedom to run the site. I will however be letting you know more when I eventually set things in motion.
  • Site content – Lastly site content, I’m aware that the main site is still only half finished. I have managed to get most of the site content back, but there is still a lot missing. I hope soon I can bring back our media section of the site, and also recreate a “Match History” section which I started before I lost the site last year. I hope to add some more content to the site in the future, what that will be I’m not sure yet as I have a million and one things going on in my head.

So that’s it for now, again I apologise for the lack of activity on the site. I mainly wanted to let you know that it isn’t deliberate, it’s just that when your a working man/woman finding time for things is quite a challenge in itself. But I do hope to rectify this by taking on some extra hands soon, so that the site doesn’t suffer and can continue to grow.

Lastly if you have any ideas or suggestions yourselves on helping the site to grow, or you have any image donations etc please feel free to contact me – antony@sweetchin.com.

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  1. Pam
    09 Jun 2014, 4:16 am

    Thank you for the update Anthony