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How The Undertaker ensured Steve Austin became WWE champion at WrestleMania XIV

IT’S remembered as one of the most iconic matches in wrestling history — when Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated Shawn Michaels for the WWE championship at Wrestlemania XIV with none other than Mike Tyson giving the three count. But speaking ahead of the release of his new book, Wrestling For My Life: The Legend, the… Read More »

How Shawn Michaels Could Feature In A Potential Bray Wyatt and Undertaker Feud

I’m slowly getting back into the world of wrestling, and catching up with the storylines. I was just looking up news on various wrestlers, and while searching for news on whether Undertaker will wrestle at Mania this yeah I came across a very interesting article. Apparently the very strange and sinister Bray Wyatt has been… Read More » The 10 Superstars with the most Royal Rumble Match eliminations

With the Royal Rumble once again just around the corner, WWE look at 10 stars who have eliminated the most participants throughout they’re rumble appearances. There have been many who enter the rumble and raise havoc in an attempt to get a first class ticket to the main event at WrestleMania, stars like – Stone… Read More »

Shawn Michaels: “It’s an honour for me to be in WWE 2K15”

With Shawn once again confirmed for another WWE game, he talked with last week talks about his return to the virtual squared circle. HE also gives his views on the upcoming game itself, and his rivalry with Triple H which will be a featured mode for WWE 2K15. What’s it like to be featured… Read More »

Video of the Week: Video of the Week: Off The Record

After a 2 week absence I’ve finally been able to get round to posting a new “Video of the Week”. I thought I’d go with a little change for this weeks video, lately I’ve been posting a lot of classic matches so I thought I would have a break from that. For ages I’ve wanted… Read More »

Shawn Michaels on The Ross Report

Shawn was a guest on Jim Ross’s podcast – The Ross Report in a two part episode. Unfortunately this was the first I heard of it, and caused me to miss reporting the first part of the interview. But at least now I can still share with you both episodes which feature HBK. Seeing as… Read More »

7 Reasons Why Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon Is Still The Best Ladder Match Ever

Apologies for my long absence, I know some of you have been asking of my whereabouts and I’ve replied as best possible on Facebook and Twitter. One activity regarding Shawn is very quiet especially as it’s WrestleMania week, and also I’ve been ill all this week. Any I’m on the mend and doing my best… Read More »

HBK talks WrestleMania on WWE Network’s new podcast!

WWE have enter the world of podcasting along with such legends as, Stone Cold Steve Austin and “The Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla” Chris Jericho. Renee Young hosts WWE’s first ever “WrestleMania” podcast: WWE 30 Years Of WrestleMania podcast presented by the WWE Network. Young will look deep into the heart of the Super Bowl… Read More »

Shawn Michaels on “WWE Network”

Well we now know what the WWE’s BIG announcement was – WWE Network. I admit I had a feeling it would involve this logo after seeing a picture of it months ago, but to elaborate on what it truly meant I had no idea. I’m not 100% clued up yet and taken it all in,… Read More »

The Hart Grapevine: Shawn Michaels’ Role At WWE WrestleMania XXX

While looking for some fresh new news on Shawn, I came across a very interesting article by Smith Hart (Bret Hart’s older brother). It is a very interesting article, I think when a Hart is either involved or talks about Michaels it’s always interesting. Hart looks at WrestleMania XXX and Shawn’s Michaels role at the… Read More »