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Shawn Michaels Podcast on The Steve Austin Show

Shawn’s done another podcast interview with another great wrestler, Steve Austin. You can listen and download the interview Here As with Jericho’s podcast, I’ll write some notes up and post them whenever I can. :)

Why Shawn Rejected HBK/Bryan Feud II

A friend of mine shared a post, on why Shawn rejected the opportunity to return to feud with former student Daniel Bryan. In October 2013 we were all graced with a return from “The Heartbreak Kid”, as he put on the the black and white stripped shirt to referee in Bryan’s match with Orton at… Read More »

Busted Open Interview

With the release of a new film, TV show and even book, comes countless of interviews. And with the release of “Shawn Michaels – Wrestling for my Life”, “The Heartbreak Kid” has been busy with interviews surrounding this much anticipated read. With Emma already finding lots of interviews already, I’ve also found some including the… Read More »

HuffPost Interview

Here’s a video where Shawn is interviewed (as well as John Cena & Hulk Hogan) about a some various topics.

Talk is Jericho Podcast

You can listen to Jericho’s podcast Here for part one of an interview he did with Shawn Michaels. To listen to part two, click Here I wrote up some notes for anyone who might not want to listen. Jericho visits Shawn at his ranch to conduct the interview. Shawn mentions that they have two horses now… Read More »

USA Today Interview

Shawn Michaels is undoubtedly one of the greatest professional wrestlers in the history of the business, but the price he paid to excel in the ring and the lifestyle of a WWE superstar nearly derailed his life. Michaels started wrestling in the mid-’80s and rose to fame as a member of The Rockers, but became… Read More » Shawn Michaels Lost Years Interview has a new interview up with Shawn Michaels talking about the ‘lost years’ between 1998-2002 where he wasn’t wrestling. Read it Here.  

HBK talks Savage, Jericho and Prayer Circle

F4wonline has the following notes from a recent interview with Shawn to promote his book. On Savage: “I’ve only just recently from my Twitter feed learned about that. I knew absolutely nothing about that. Obviously, that would have been a blast. Gosh, I think that would have helped me immensely at that time. I think… Read More »

Archive Interview: Getting the Band Back Together

Getting the Band Back Together: D-Generation X Breaks It Down One More Time by: Brian Solomon WWE Magazine – July 2006 They were obnoxious. They were lewd. They got millions of fans around the world to yell, “Suck it!” They were D-Generation X — a sports entertainment clique that turned into a grass-roots cultural phenomenon…. Read More »

Shawn Michaels Interview on LAW

Fight Network has a podcast with Shawn Michaels discussing the following things: John Pollock’s chat with Shawn Michaels about his new book, “Wrestling for My Life”, his 1998 back injury and 2002 comeback, teaming with God at Backlash 2006 and more The interview with Shawn starts at the 22 minute mark. Interview starts with an audio… Read More »