Affiliates Section Now Open!

This update is more for fellow fansite owners, as I have finally reopen our Affiliates section of the site. I have done my best to remember who was listed in our affiliate section, if I’ve missed anyone please forgive and if you could re-apply. We’re also taking on some Elite affiliates also for anyone who is interested.

You can apply to be an affiliate here.

Onto another little update for the fans, I am in the process of attempting to add avatars and banners back to the media section of the site. I’ve ran into a snag that prevents me from being able to add them, this is a server issue with our hosting that I’m trying to get resolved.

Lastly while talking about our host, for those who don’t know we are now on a free hosting provider and with that come requirements. The hosting provider requires site customers to have an advertisement link, and while I’m not a huge fan of ads clogging up site content it is after all required. I’ve tried to keep it minimal and placed out of the way in our sidebar section of the site.

Again I’ll be updating you on further progress, we are nearly there and it won’t be long now till I can start on the gallery rebuild process. It’s all systems go, but I’ll get there. I just want to again say a massive thank you for the continued support.

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