Gallery Update and Match History!

A picture of a splash featuring Shawn Michaels.

It’s been a while since I did an update on the site, I added some WWE splashes to the gallery that I have stored along with lots more images waiting to be posted. They were on the old gallery before everything was lost, and luckily these were some I kept stored for a rainy day…. Read More »

HBK Wrestles For His Life In Second Book

Cover art for Shawn Michaels new upcoming book "Shawn Michaels - Wrestling For My Life".

It’s been nine years since World Wrestling Entertainment and Shawn Michaels released the autobiography ‘Heartbreak & Triumph: The Shawn Michaels Story.’ Most wrestling fans would agree that after reading the book cover to cover, although a phenomenal read, much was left to be desired. And that’s not saying the book wasn’t great because it was…. Read More »

Email issues

Hey enveryone just a small update, my contact email for the site I think is having issues at the moment. If you have sent me an email via this address, and I haven’t replied I apologise immensely! Until these issues are fixed, please feel free to email via the following address –

Staff Vacancy!

I am currently looking for an exciting, motivated and committed individual or individuals to help in the running of the site. Since I started employment, I feel the site has taken a back seat a little and still is far from where I want it to be compared to other fansites. I know news surrounding… Read More »

HBK’s Fishing Trip with JBL and Cole

Shawn Michaels and the MRA crew were joined by the WWE commentary duo of Michael Cole and JBL, in Bermuda for some fishing for an upcoming MRA episode presumably for the current season. Photos of the guys fishing was posted on the official MRA Facebook page which I will upload sometime this week, if you… Read More »

Video of the Week – PPV Special: Would The Real Intercontinental Champion Please Climb A Ladder!

Well I was going to post a video in the week in reference to the 1,100th episode of Raw, but with being busy at work and then my internet connection deciding to drop I never got to post one. Seeing that tonight is Money In The Bank, it means we can all enjoy a “Video… Read More »

MRA Season 4 Sneak Preview!

In conjunction to yesterday’s post about the air date of Season 4 of Shawn Michaels’ MacMillan River Adventures (MRA), a special sneak peek video was released yesterday on the show’s Facebook page. The video starts off with a cool animation of a match striking causing a flame, resembling something like a Lethal Weapon intro. The… Read More »

MacMillan River Adventures Returns For Season 4!

Macmillan River Adventures hosts Shawn Michaels and Keith Mark.

I’m not sure if everyone is aware of this considering Shawn posted news of it a few days ago, but for those who aren’t the boys are back in town… rather woodland. That’s right clear space in your diary or set that DVD player to record, as Shawn Michaels and Keith Mark will be back… Read More »

Video of the Week: Off The Record

After a 2 week absence I’ve finally been able to get round to posting a new “Video of the Week”. I thought I’d go with a little change for this weeks video, lately I’ve been posting a lot of classic matches so I thought I would have a break from that. For ages I’ve wanted… Read More »

Tribute Video: Crazy Better

How do you sum up Shawn Michaels’ 25 year career in 9 minutes 44 seconds? Well you get sRecollet to put together some classic HBK clips together with some awesome music, and you have your self an awesome montage. That’s right sRecollet is back, and he’s back with an outstanding tribute video! It’s been a… Read More »

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