Match History Update

I’ve added all of Shawn’s match history from SmackDown in our “Match History” section of the site. As your all aware Shawn didn’t have many matches on SmackDown, so there isn’t much in that section but it all counts right? ;) Added new SmackDown section to Match History

Gallery Update: SmackDown Classic Photos

Image of Triple H fighting The Rock with Shawn Michaels as special referee on SmackDown August 26, 1999.

To accompany the last post, I uploaded some classic SmackDown photos from the Triple H/The Rock WWF/E Title match featuring Shawn as the special referee. I will also be looking at adding more photos to the gallery, that I managed to salvage from our old gallery so be sure to keep an eye out for… Read More » 15 Best SmackDown Matches

Tonight marks 15 years of SmackDown, and to celebrate this auspicious occasion look at 15 of the best matches to feature on SmackDown. Since it’s launch whether it was his backTB0-108 injury or years of never being drafted, Shawn Michaels is one name that hasn’t featured compared to others. He’s had the odd couple… Read More »

WWE 2K15 Screenshots

Screenshot from WWE 2K15 of Shawn Michaels delivering sweet chin music to Triple H at SummerSlam 2002.

Ok so I’ve been looking around for news and media to try and keep all you guys entertained, and now that another season of MRA has ended the task is now more difficult. Luckily I came across some some screenshots of WWE 2K15, showing what is most likely0B0-107 a glimpse of the “Rivalry Mode” feature…. Read More » 25 Moments That Defined The Attitude Era

The Monday Night Wars

It was an era full of beer swilling, puppies and degenerates! Suitably named “The Attitude Era” was the pinnacle product in the famous “Monday Night Wars” with rival company WCW which saw WWE wipe away the competition. Stone Cold Steve Austin was the drive force of the Attitude Era, but some will say it was… Read More »

Video of the Week: He’s Back!

First off, I’m going away tomorrow (September 13th) and won’t be back until the following Saturday (September 20th), so the site will not be updated by myself until I’m back. However, Chris will continue his MRA review series to keep you all up to date with the latest A4040-221on Shawn and Keith’s hunting adventures. It’s… Read More »

RAW August 25th, 2014 Digitals + Gallery Update

Apologies for the very long delay regarding the media from Shawn’s appearance on Raw – August 25th, I know we’re in September now but work has been pretty busy for me. I’ve managed to obtain the digitals from this Raw and also create screencaps of the segment, but for now I’m only going to upload… Read More »

[BLOG] MRA crew goes Hog wild at HBK’s ranch

MRA episode 11 brought us some good ‘ol fashioned hog hunting at Shawn Michaels’ ranch in south Texas. Every year Hogs run buckshot throughout Michaels’ ranch tearing up anything in their path, even whitetail deer. So, naturally the object to to eliminate the problem. The entire #MRA crew were ‘ordered’ to arrive at HBK’s ranch… Read More »

Tribute Video: Dance with the Devil

Huge thanks to Dannela, who has kindly shared a tribute video she created a while ago. The video focuses on Shawn’s rivalry with the devil himself Vince McMahon, the song used is “Dance with the Devil” by Breaking Benjamin and I certainly think it’s fitting for any rivalry featuring the boss! Enjoy!

[BLOG] MRA went squirrel hunting and it was a classic

This week on MRA, the crew took part in the Squirrel Master Classic 2014 presented by GAMO Outdoor USA. It was cool to see MRA in a competition type atmosphere with other groups coming after them. Lord knows, it’s always exciting to see Shawn Michaels in a competitive state. Now, shooting down a squirrel, to… Read More »

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